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Versailles is the royal city built by Louis XIVth. The castle was designed by Jules Hardouin MANSART, but is not as successful a building as Les Invalides. In my opinion, it lacks something to Versailles to break its rigid lines (like the Invalides' dom).

For me the real treasure of Versailles are... the gardens designed by LE NÔTRE!
Do you prefer Versailles or Les Invalides architecture?

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Autumn impression
34 Kb
21 × 25 cm, 1998

Bassin 1
35 Kb
32 × 12 cm, 1998
Chestnut trees

Bassin 2
35 Kb
32 × 12 cm, 1998
Plane trees
Allée de Platanes
38 Kb
15 × 11 cm, 1998
Apollo basin
Apollo basin
and Versailles Castle

39 Kb
13 × 27 cm, 2000
Apollo basin
Apollo basin
and Versailles park

37 Kb
12 × 37 cm, 2000

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