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The Sainte Victoire Mountain is worldwide renowned, thanks to... Paul Cézanne.
Situated in Provence, it is 1011m high. From its top, one may see both the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea.

Avignon used to be the Capital of the world when the Popes exiled there from Roma during the XIVth Century. Nowadays only the Palais des Papes and a very good wine Châteauneuf du Pape remind us of this period.
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Sainte Victoire
La Sainte Victoire 1
31 Kb
16 × 21 cm, 1998
Sainte Victoire
La Sainte Victoire 2
29 Kb
18 × 22 cm, 1998
Sainte Victoire
La Sainte Victoire 3
30 Kb
22 × 25 cm, 1998
49 Kb
18 × 22 cm, 1999
Calanques de Marseille
Calanques de Marseille
34 Kb
19 × 13 cm, 1999

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