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... is a river and a "département" which belongs to the old regions Maine and Anjou, situated West France. The River Sarthe draws very nice curves before reaching LA MAINE and LOIRE Rivers.


Solesmes closter founded XIth century used to symbolize the border between Maine and Anjou. It is still a very active Benedictine center, worldwide reputed for its Gregorian Chants.

Le Mans

Cathedral St Julien of Le Mans is wellknown for some of its windows dating back XIIth century like those of Chartres; and its astonishing flying butresses.
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Sarthe river
La Sarthe
35 Kb
15 × 23 cm, 1999
Cathedral Saint Julien
Cathedral Saint Julien
121 Kb
pen and ink
32 × 42 cm, 1997
The oak
Le Chêne
49 Kb
18 × 26cm, 1999
Solesmes Abbey
Abbaye de Solesmes
31 Kb
18 × 26 cm, 1999
Small wooden boats
Barques à Pincé
34 Kb
36 × 50 cm, 1999

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