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Antonina ALUPI, Romanian, art teacher in Paris Denis portrait by A. ALUPI (pastel)

Sonja CRAEN, Belgium from Antwerp Portrait by S. CRAEN

Caroline DELORME, 20, pastellist from Paris Rose by C. DELORME

Pascal Jean DELORME, 37, Burgundian, specializes in "surf painting" Goyter by P. DELORME (acrylic)

Chris GRIM, 24, Norman Aix en Provence by C. GRIM

Kris KILLMAN from Illinois, USA Illinois Cowboy by K. KILLMAN

KIM Seung-ho, 44, Korean Landscape by KIM S.

Dominique LECOMTE, French wood engraver Rocky Mountains by D. LECOMTE

Jean-Paul LEGRAND, watercolorist and poet from Sablé sur Sarthe, France Pont sur l'Erve by J-P LEGRAND

Gérard LEHUEN from Le Mans, France G. LEHUEN

Phil LEVINE impressionist from New York Versailles by P. LEVINE

Jean-Paul RIVIERE, Briton Castle by J-P RIVIERE

Bill TRANTHAM, English George BUSH by Bill TRANTHAM

Gilberte VERMEULEN, Belgian from Antwerp Floral by G. VERMEULEN

Nordine YAHYAOUI, 32, Moroccan engraver N. YAHYAOUI

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