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I am French, born in 1967.

Water and Light Colors?

“Light” is some kind of a motto for me, perhaps because I was born in Morocco where the sun shines so heavily, and I was very frustrated of it when my parents came back to the ground of my ancestors in Anjou.
Someone told me this could explain the choice of watercolor as my medium, because light is at the heart of watercolors.
I also like watercolors because of its simplicity compaired to oil painting.
Finally, you cannot cheat with watercolors (no eraser). So just go ahead!

My teachers include Antonina ALUPI, Gérard LEHUEN, and last but not least the old Masters.
Olivier Marchand
In the Gallery
Usually, I prefer painting on location; it gives more spontaneity and colors. Live paintings are less precise but more dynamic.
But a good photo may also give some results. => See an example.


Technical tips on watercolors!
First exhibition in 1999

21 rue de Bourgogne 75007 Paris
Atelier ALUPI
18 rue Pernety 75014 Paris
HORIZON Gallery in Bourgogne Street

Watercolor market near Paris
in 2000
Aquarella 2000
First Price in 2001 from
"Loire-Québec Association"
for Panoramic Dyptich of Montjean
up a bit
no frame
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